AWARD WINNING COFFIN MAKER AND SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2015 and finalist for the 'what to do with the ashes' award 2017 FROM DORSET

Hand-crafted willow coffins, caskets and baskets.

Beautifully hand-crafted in Dorset, we produce bespoke, unique coffins for green, environmentally-friendly and alternative funerals and woodland burials.

We understand that you are saying goodbye to someone much loved ,so all our beautifully hand woven willow wicker coffins are made with the utmost skill, love and care specifically for your loved one.

Cradle to Grave Award Winning wicker willow coffins are handmade by us at our home in North Dorset. These willow wicker coffin caskets are totally 100 percent bio-degradable,They are also known as basket coffins, burial baskets, eco coffins, green coffins, bio degradable coffins. We are skilled basket makers and have been in the business of basket weaving and willow coffin weaving for the past 20 years, We weave our willow caskets using traditional age old weaving skills, using age old methods passed down through generations of basket weavers . Using traditional weaves and traditional handcrafted tools made by local blacksmiths, you can be sure of getting a unique bespoke handcrafted willow product. We are passionate about using locally grown produce. Our willow is carefully sourced from renewable sustainable locally grown, and harvested from coppiced stools by the musgrove family in weston zoyland somerset, and is the ultimate way to enviromental recycling.

Each willow casket is handcrafted in 2-3 days . We use a biodegradable waterproof liner and a natrual coloured calico liner to line the willow coffins with. Here at Cradle to Grave, we do encourage the familys to choose a coffin lining of their own choice if they wish to, or maybe a piece of fabric that had meaning to the person that has died. We make a habit of giving the family the choice of coming to our workshop to help weave their loved ones ‘final resting bed’ . We believe that helping to weave the coffin can really help with the grieving process for the family involved, it also helps to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Please do call or email for more details.

Each of the willow coffins we make are personally tailor-made for the person that has died. We keep our wicker coffin designs simple, we have created two different shapes. The first shape is rounded at the head end and gently tapers to the foot end which is more square. The second shape is rounded at both ends and the same width all the way down the length of the coffin. We mostly use either all one colour , or a mixture of the natrual willow colours of which the four main colours being buff (reddy brown) and white willow (both have bark stripped off) and brown willow (it is actually green, the natrual colour its grown in) and steamed willow (chocolaty colour) We use natrual dyes to dye white willow to give the wicker coffins a nice coloured stripe round the middle if desired, we can also dye the natrual coloured sisal rope handles too. Also by using natural biodegradable materials, we are producing willow caskets which can be used in environmentally friendly farewells ,green burials, woodland burials, humanist ,civil or non religious cereomonies , for loved ones, whatever the setting.

From cremations to an eco-friendly woodland burial. Cradle to Grave for your loved ones final resting bed

Caskets can be made in three days and we will deliver the finished coffin to the customers desired location.

We also make Yurts and a whole range of baskets, all of our products are handmade at our home in Dorset.


Our hand-crafted wicker willow coffins and burial baskets are environmentally-friendly ,100 percent bio degradable and available in different natural coloured willow.

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Willow Baskets are long-lasting, eco-friendly and they look wonderful. Discover our wide range of hand-made designs.

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Yurts are versatile, sustainable and our unique, hand-made Yurts are available to hire and buy.

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Viking Ship Ash Casket

We can provide you with a lovingly crafted Viking ship complete with sail, willow shields and an ash urn.

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