AWARD WINNING COFFINMAKER AND SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2015 and finalist for the 'what to do with the ashes' award 2017 FROM DORSET

Hand-crafted willow coffins, caskets and baskets.

Beautifully hand-crafted in Dorset, we produce bespoke, unique coffins for green, environmentally-friendly and alternative funerals and woodland burials.

All of my willow coffins are handmade in my home, the caskets are totally bio-degradable, woven from renewable natural locally grown willow, harvested from coppiced willow stools supporting a family in Weston Zoyland, Somerset. Each casket is lined with a waterproof canvas. All of my coffins are personally tailor-made for the deceased person.

I am passionate about using natural materials and am producing my caskets to be used in environmentally friendly farewells to loved ones, whatever the setting of the funeral, from cremations to an eco-friendly woodland burial.

Caskets can be made in three days and we will deliver the finished casket to the customers desired location.

We also make Yurts and a whole range of baskets, all of our products are handmade at our home in Dorset.


Our hand-crafted willow coffins are environmentally-friendly and available in different natural coloured willow.

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Willow Baskets are long-lasting, eco-friendly and they look wonderful. Discover our wide range of hand-made designs.

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Yurts are versatile, sustainable and our unique, hand-made Yurts are available to hire and buy.

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Viking Ship Ash Casket

We can provide you with a lovingly crafted Viking ship complete with sail, willow shields and an ash urn.

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