I try to put myself in that person's shoes and try to imagine what it must be like and I just be myself really, just be kind to the people and let them talk, let them tell me about their loved one. We have such a passion for our craft, empathy for the families and we believe in what we are doing: I feel I have a calling for this type of work.

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Customer Testimonials


“Our mothers funeral was held in a crematorium but her willow casket wouldn't have looked out of place in a woodland glade and made all the difference to the ceremony. Mother was a romantic so we didn't want a 'wood with brass handles' box, it would have been informal and cold. We felt the willow coffin was exactly right as it was beautiful and gentle”

- Mrs Creswell, a customer from Bridport, Dorset


“Thank you so very much for making that beautiful willow resting place for my husband. He would have appreciated,as I and my family did. The lovely willow colours, the intricacies,skill and the weaving. I felt that he was cradled when I saw him in it, in a very loving way, and there would have not been anything better for his last resting place as we took him into the woodland burial ground”

- Mrs St George


“Thank you for giving us exactly what Mum wanted. Your casket was a big part of what made a sad day into a happy day”

- A. Barnet


“Thank you Cath, the little coffin you made is just beautiful, perfect. I was really quite excited to open it up after it was delivered, a lovely feeling at such a rubbish time. I'm so happy I found your website and you were able to make Issy something special for the last time it is her final resting cradle. Many, many thanks”

- Hannah


“My daughter took her own life at 23 years old, I was thrown into an unknown realm of disbelief and utter desperation. I was in shock for a long time, even now eight months on it still feels like it did not happen to my family. At first I felt as though I was watching a video of someone else's life.

I was very fortunate to have such a strong husband who was able to deal with all of the arrangements, otherwise perhaps we would have just phoned the funeral directors.

One thing that I was sure about was that I did not want to cremate my beautiful daughter, I had heard about natural burials from a dear friend and when I visited I knew that it was the right place for Leigh to be laid to rest.

I also wanted her casket to me handmade especially for her which is why I chose Cath to make it for us, I can not express enough how compassionate Cath was at such a difficult time in our lives.

I like many people did not realise that we can have a natural burial for our loved ones, or indeed that you can arrange everything for yourselves in any manner that is fitting for you, it is not just the funeral you can do yourself it is the whole journey from collecting your loved one, transporting them in a way that you feel appropriate and to the extent that you can dig the grave and bury them yourselves without any of the usual formalities.

Death is seldom talked about in our society and even when it is we tend brush the subject away. I remember when my grandma spoke about her funeral and my reply was "It's not going to happen to you gran" but of course it did and we had not listened to her wishes.

The death of a loved one is a very difficult time for any of us to bear, whether it comes as a terrible shock through an untimely death or it may be a release from a terminal illness, or simply old age like my grandma. Bereavement is a harrowing experience and because it is not talked about we are even less prepared when it actually happens to someone that we love but of course it is the one inevitable thing that will happen to us all.

We did everything on our own for Leigh's last journey, just as our ancestors did before us. I have now arranged my own funeral and other members of my family, we will be buried alongside my daughter.

Bless you Cath and thank you, I will always be grateful to you”

- Debbie Simms-Walker


“I would just like to say that your beautiful work set the seal on a memorable day, for a host of friends and relatives. Sad as the occasion was, we were of the firm belief that the day was a celebration of my wifes work, life and values”

- P Stokes