Alice's Send Off

This weeks produce,coffins for a very old lady and a very young baby.One of the things i learnt on funeral arrangers course i attended with green fuse was that arranging a funeral can be like putting on a theatrical production.the young lass that came to collect the little basket today told me they wernt having a funeral for their 9 day old tot,but they were going to have a themed party for her before the burial.They named the child alice and are going to have a mad hatters tea party for her to celebrate her short life,where all her family and friends will be characters out of alice in wonderland.The mother will be the white queen and the father will be the mad hare.They will take afternoon tea and cake,then for the burial part the hare will be jumping into the rabbit hole (the grave) literally, with alice in her basket and will send her on her way to wonderland.The parents also got to spend a  final night with their baby sleeping with her as the hospital have raised money for a cold cot ,whereby they can supply the cot to the familys so they can spend one night with their child before they send them on their final journey home.We all deserve a beautiful send off and i love the fact that people are comming round to the idea of being more imaginative and creating beautiful ceromonys and farewells