Why Buy a Willow Coffin?

The coffin-making trade dates back centuries and, as such, the way in which caskets are produced and supplied has greatly evolved over time.  Willow coffins, however, have remained a popular choice with families across the UK for a number of reasons – our own name, Cradle to Grave, is inspired by the use of baskets for babies as well as for burials.  It is a nice bookending that has inspired us to hand-craft our willow coffin models for considerable years now.


But what are the benefits in purchasing a willow coffin?  Willow is completely biodegradable, for one – making it a popular eco-friendly choice for many people – and for another, they can be used in a versatile manner across burials and cremations alike.  Willow coffins are also extremely lightweight in comparison with caskets made in solid wood – though they retain a remarkable amount of strength and durability when crafted correctly and with genuine care.

Willow coffins look naturally lovely with a range of flowers and ribbons alike – we are always more than happy to make suggestions with regard to arrangements if you are struggling to find the right look – and we are always able to provide plaques should you wish for a heartfelt message or note of memoriam to be emblazoned upon the casket.  

Bespoke requests are always possible with willow coffins – while we will always tailor your casket to each individual, we are also always happy to discuss any specific needs or requirements you may have, including any special wishes that your loved one may have requested before they passed away.